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Finding Employment
     Resources and information on finding employment.
Skilled Jobs Overseas


Despite the recession that is affecting most countries, there are many businesses in those countries that are experiencing a serious shortage of skilled workers.

E-JAM receives many requests for such workers, but finding suitable candidates in a timely manner can be challenging.  We have decided to gather in advance a pool of resumes from candidates with the right skill set and who are motivated in working overseas.

We invite interested candidates to check the “List of Skills Shortage” and if qualified, register and upload their resume on our website – www.employmentjamaica.com.  It is important that the correct job title is entered when registering and that the resume is current.  Candidates will only be contacted if an employer shows an interest, after reviewing their resume.



How can I get my resume noticed? Print E-mail
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Here are some things you can do to improve your chances of getting your resume noticed and to receive a response.

  1. Follow specific instructions as to how to apply to the job that is advertised. Your resume is a self-marketing tool; it is supposed to answer an advertisement.  If an ad says "I want to buy a Mustang!", you would not respond by sending a picture of a minivan.  But that is in essence what many people do.

    The resume needs to be restructured to meet the needs of every employer that receives it.   If they are advertising for a "Sales Manager" then that is the positioning statement you put as the Job Title; or in the Subject Line of the email.  A hiring manager is more likely to read the resume that says "Sales Manager" than the one that says "seeking employment with a progressive, growth oriented company."

  2. When registering on www.employmentjamaica.com make sure that the Jobseeker Account Registration form is filled out completely.  Your profile and resume should be updated regularly (read article - How to Get Noticed by Employers).

  3. Add a professional headshot photograph to your profile, your headshot is an important part of your online personal brand; it gives credibility to your content.  A good example of a professional headshot photograph is a passport photograph with a smile Smile


E-JAM appreciates the time you invested in your application and encourages you to apply for posted and advertised positions, for which you qualify.  Please read the blog articles mentioned, they will assist you in getting your resumes noticed and receiving responses to your job application.

Why hasn't anyone answered my emails? PDF Print E-mail
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We thank the many applicants that respond to the jobs advertised on employmentjamaica.com.  We sincerely regret that due to the large amount of resumes received, we are currently unable to respond personally to all applicants.  Despite that, we can assure you that we do review all resumes received; some applicants are contacted within a short time; others passed on to our clients; or categorized to review for future openings.

In most cases, if you applied for a job and have not been contacted, that means another applicant was selected who was most qualified for the position.

What is the cost of E-JAM services? PDF Print E-mail
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If you are looking for local employment, there is no cost.  If you are seeking overseas employment, we cannot tell you the cost until you are pre-screened and selected for one of our job posts. Some Employers cover all costs and therefore it is free, others may pay partial.  In some cases you may pay a program fee (i.e. US J1 Visa Program), or a fee to an Immigration Attorney, or Consultant to assist in the preparation of application forms in order to apply for a Work Permit.  Any cost involved will usually depend on the job and the laws of the country where you will be working.

Please Note: There are no Program fees charged to applicants for the US H2B Program, or for job placements in Canada; those fees are payable by the employers.  Although some instances employers may pay airfare, in most case that will be the applicants’ responsibility.

All information pertaining to any jobs will be posted on our website.



How Do I Get Started? PDF Print E-mail

Thank you for contacting E-JAM, Employment Jamaica.  In order for us to try and assist you in getting a job, if you have not already done so, we recommend that you register on our website – www.employmentjamaica.com and upload an updated resume.  Please be sure to fill out the profile form completely and that your job title reflects the type of job you are applying for.

Although you may not see many jobs listed on the site, Employers pay to search our database for suitable candidates.  The website is also the first place we search to find candidates for job orders that are not posted.  To keep you abreast of latest jobs, we send out job alerts of new positions as they come.

Thank you for making it E-JAM and we look forward to assisting you!  Please contact our Support Centre for any further questions not listed in the FAQ's.

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